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Bring balance to your body with massage therapy.  Each massage session is personalized for the clients individual needs, designed to be relaxing and therapeutic.  

Types of bodywork offered:

Esalen Massage - A hybrid style of massage using long smooth strokes to relax the body.

Swedish Massage - An invigorating rhythmical massage with varying degrees of pressure. 

Sports Massage - Deep tissue massage from a therapist with training in anatomy, physiology and the study of movement for better performance.

Pressure Point Therapy - Applying static firm pressure to specific points to obtain energetic and structural releases. 

Deep Tissue Massage - Using a variety of techniques from sports massage, cross fiber and pressure point work to get to the deeper layers of the body. 

Active Stretching - Increases your range of motion and prevents muscle imbalances that can lead to serious injury.

Aromatherapy - Essential oils or other scents are used to achieve therapeutic benefit. 

Sunless Airbrush Tanning - Need a healthy glow without damaging your skin, sunless is the answer.  Completely customized to your skin type and color preference.

  • Made with the highest quality organic ingredients.
  • The color is instant but needs 8 hours to fully develop before showering.  Color last 5-14 days, fades away evenly.
  • Very natural looking tan color, never orange!
  • Completely safe! Won't clog pores.  
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